Welcome to Seafaring Doom.

Check out the wiki and the character pages. Don’t forget to add your own character with information about them. The more you put here the more we can make the campaign dynamic and interactive. You guys don’t want me telling you what is happening to you, you guys want to determine your own fates, so let’s make that happen.

Think of the Angel summoner as the wizard, and BMX bandit as the fighter. This is the type of thing I try to fix

Read here for an idea of the tier system.

" Originally Posted by Emperor Tippy
By level 20 though, you aren’t capturing a wizard. A character lives to level 20 by being the most ruthless, lucky, capable, and paranoid bastard around. A wizard is throwing around a 30+ Int score and has, entirely in character, planned contingencies for his contingencies. He may well be running around with flat out total immunity to harm, he does not walk outside without an entire bevy of defensive magics around him and enough magic items to buy himself a nation."

Seafaring Doom

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